DVD Twin Set- Encaustic Art Basics

DVD Twin Set- Encaustic Art Basics


Encaustic Art – Basics DVD Twin Set

A great DVD on Encaustic Art that is created to help beginners succeed, to help those already working with the iron to progress and to inspire creative enjoyment and satisfaction in anyone interested in melting wax colours to create artistic results of some type. You will see numerous techniques being demonstrated with more than 4 hours of live video action. Watch, understand & learn with easy to repeat sections of content. Each set of techniques and methods builds toward a strong basis of capability and creative potential with iron and wax.

The video on these DVDs sows all below plus more.


  • Prepare to begin

  • First go and colours

  • Patterns and borders

  • Apertures and die-cuts

  • Marquetry cads

  • Mini hotplatte


  • Landscape

  • Fabric print

  • Tissue work

  • Stylus

  • Colour-over

  • Stamping

  • Fantasy

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