48 Wax Set

48 Wax Set


Great way to get all 48 available colors at once!!  The colors included are:

  • Basic Wax Set crimson(1),orange(3), mixer yellow(44), leaf green(6), olive green(23), blue green(8), pastel blue(31), ultramarine(10), cyan blue(46), pink(24), red violet(12), purple mixer(48), rust brown(13), black(15), clear(27).white(16)


  • Enhancing Wax Set:  red mixer(43), neon pink(37), lilac(32), neon yellow(39),golden yellow(04), pastel orange(30), pastel coral(34),yellow brown(14), umber(22), neon green(40), sap green(45),pastel mint(33), neon blue(41), blue(9), indigo mixer(47), pastel cream(35). 


  • Enrichment Wax set:vermillon(02),lemon yellow(05),green(07),blue violet(11),gray(17),prussian blue(18),cobalt blue(19),yellow ochre(20),venetian red(21),gold(25),silver(26),bronze(28),pearl(29),neon red(36),neon orange(38),magenta mixer(42)

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